If you have difficulties using the NCPT or if you have NCPT related questions please don’t hesitate contacting the NCPT creator and developer Oliver Hölzinger: oliver.h.ceep@live.com. Oliver is also welcoming your feedback, case studies etc.

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NCPT Services

The NCPT developer, Oliver Hölzinger, offers a wide range of NCPT related services first-hand through his consultancy CEEP.

Please contact Oliver to enquire NCPT services. Part of the income generated from NCPT consultancy services will be re-invested in the maintenance and future development of the NCPT.

NCPT Assessments (50% Discount for new Customers)

CEEP offers NCPT assessments at very competitive rates in case you don’t have the time or capacity to apply the NCPT internally. NCPT assessment services for new customers start from as little as £60 for the first site. Even an assessment of a large site of 500ha only costs £325. Please download NCPT Services & Fees 2018-19 for an overview or contact Oliver for a quick quote.

NCPT Training and Knowledge Exchange

CEEP offers NCPT training and knowledge exchange workshops to equip you with the knowledge and skills to use the NCPT most effectively. Such workshops can for example include:

  • An introduction to the Natural Capital and ecosystem services concepts and the relevant UK (planning) policy context.
  • How the NCPT can be used most effectively to inform your decisions.
  • Step-by-step NCPT demonstrations working through live case studies.
  • NCPT training.
  • Case studies.
  • etc.

NCPT Reporting

CEEP offers both, internal and external NCPT reports.

Internal reports can for example include how NCPT findings should be interpreted, how they relate to local and national policies, and what can be done to improve the design of a proposed plan/development to achieve the maximum for people and wildlife alike.

External case study reports offer a good opportunity to promote sustainable plans and development designs to an external audience.

Policy Advice

Oliver is a Natural Capital specialist and provides expert advice on how national policies such as ‘environmental net-gain’ and Natural Capital values can be best implemented into your local policies and plans.

Natural Capital Monitoring & Evaluation

The NCPT is also designed to easily monitor cumulative Natural Capital gains/losses over time, for example at the city scale. Furthermore, the NCPT can be used to evaluate realised plans and development projects to assess if the promised Natural Capital value has actually been delivered.

Natural Capital Offsetting

Sometimes, losses to Natural Capital are unavoidable. Similar to Biodiversity Offsetting, the NCPT can be used to offset unavoidable loss to Natural Capital on-site at a suitable offsetting site. CEEP can help to initiate, setup and manage local/regional offsetting schemes.

The NCPT abroad

Please contact Oliver in case you would like to use the NCPT outside England. CEEP can develop an amended version specifically tailored for your context and data availability.


CEEP also offers a range of other services including the monetary valuation of Natural capital such as:

  • Natural Capital Accounting,
  • Local/Regional Ecosystem Assessments,
  • Ecosystem Mapping
  • ANGSt+ mapping,
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • and many more.

Please visit the CEEP website to find out more about these and other services.