NCPT Briefing Note

A 2-page briefing note introducing the NCPT and what it is for at a glance.

Download: NCPT Briefing Note (PDF, 0.7 mb)

Published: 6th March 2018

NCPT Excel Tool v1.5

This is the latest Natural Capital Planning Tool version.

Download: NCPT v1.5 (XLSX, 3.3 mb)

Update v1.5 published: 28th May 2019 (NCPT first published March 2018)

Update note: New results section introduced which allows assessing how many ecosystem services achieve natural capital net-gain.

You may also be interested in NCPT related Services & Support. CEEP can apply the NCPT for you for a small fee.

NCPT Introduction & User Guide

This document includes an introduction to the NCPT and how it was developed, a transparent outline of how the NCPT works including caveats, and a step-by-step user guide for tool users.

Download: NCPT Introduction & User Guide v1.3.3 (PDF, 2.2 mb)

Update v1.3.3 published: 18th May 2018 (first published March 2018)

NCPT Case Study Reports

Case study reports can be accessed from the case study page.

NCPT Services & Fees

A full list of specialised services and fees such as NCPT assessments can be accessed from the support and services site. New customers benefit from a 50% discount on the first assessment.

Other ressources:

Town and Country Planning Journal:  NCPT – managing environmental gains and losses

Special Guest edition: Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure in the Planning System (Issue May 2019)

Download: NCPT – managing environmental gains and losses (PDF, 0.3 mb)

First published: May 2019

Planning for Sustainable Land-Use: The Natural Capital Planning Tool (NCPT) Project

This RICS Research Report outlines how the NCPT was developed in 2014-2015 includng methods and case studies.

Download: Planning for Sustainable Land-Use – The NCPT Project (PDF, 15.9 mb)

First published: November 2015

Making Plans for Green Infrastructure in England: Review of National Planning and Environmental Policies and Project Partners’ Plans.

This report provides a critical overview and exploration of English planning policy for Green Infrastructure set within national and local authority perspectives.

The report was published by Northumbria University and the University of Birmingham as part of the NERC funded project ‘Injecting a Natural Capital Planning Tool into Green-Blue Infrastructure Management’.

Download: Making Plans for Green Infrastructure in England (PDF, 2.4 mb)

First published: May 2017